Working Toward Religious Freedom in Kurdistan.

You Have Been Given a Voice. Please Sign the Petition.

Let your voice be heard by the Kurdish Regional Government and Christians throughout this region by signing this petition. We encourage all Christians who want to see true freedom of religion and equality for Christians living in northern Iraq to sign. This is a significant and historic way you can support the local Church living in a hostile region. A united voice is a strong voice – Let’s stand together! (Read the Petition)

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    What You Need to Know

    • The Minister of the Interior in Kurdistan, Karim Sinjari, has requested our founder, Dr. Terry Law, and World Compassion to be a liaison between the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) and Christian leaders in the region.
    • There are two roles we are assisting with: 1) Assisting the KRG in their efforts to draft new language for their constitution to protect the rights of Christians and guarantee them greater liberties. 2) Helping encourage Christians to stay in the region as an intricate part of their society and the necessity for them to carry the mission of Christ forward.
    • This discussion comes at a critical political moment in history as Kurdistan is holding a referendum in September, taking a vote of the people on their interest in becoming their own nation.
    • Religious freedoms, protections and equalities for people living in Kurdistan will give Christians and other minorities a safe place in this region of the world that is known to be governed and controlled by Islam. This is a historic moment in not only the history of the Middle East, but the history of the world, as Christianity has a chance to grow and thrive freely in a place of its origin.
    • World Compassion took a strategic delegation of an ecumenical group of Christian leaders, experts in constitutional law and a former Canadian Provincial Cabinet Leader, who will be assisting with the process.
    • World Compassion has drafted an official recommendation to the Kurdistan Regional Government, regarding the enumeration of rights and protections of religious minorities in the Constitution of Kurdistan. You can read this recommendation by clicking the link below.

    Support the Cause.

    We are incurring expenses for this effort. Will you consider joining us by making a financial donation toward this cause? This is truly a historic opportunity that will help shape the course of history in this region.

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