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Planting & Growing Churches


World Compassion currently plants and supports churches in Northern Iraq, Burma, and China. These churches are planted and operate in some of the most hostile regions of the world. Pastors face threats of imprisonment, torture, and even death because of their call to reach a hostile nation with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Regardless of the immense challenges these pastors and their underground congregations face, they are making an impact in their local communities over the long haul.




The most effective long-term transformation in communities comes through the consistent work of a local church. We understand this is the model God has created, but launching and growing a church in poor and hostile nations can be a daunting challenge.
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World Compassion empowers local churches to engage
their communities primarily in four ways:




Educating pastors and leaders with training materials in discipleship and evangelism, enabling them to teach and instruct their congregations. We often take for granted the study materials available to us in the United States, as many countries have outlawed the Bible and other books teaching about Christ. When World Compassion supplies training materials, it opens up a world of knowledge otherwise unavailable to church leadership.



Providing humanitarian resources such as food, clothing, blankets. The provision of humanitarian aid helps to meet needs at a local level, opening the door for pastors to share the gospel in their community.



Christian literature such as Bibles and The Story of Jesus booklets for the development of the new believer.



Hosting leadership conferences to churches in hostile nations. World Compassion funds and hosts conferences for hundreds of pastors annually. We bring our world-class staff and pastors from churches around America to speak and teach principles from the Word of God.

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Strategic Support


Most underdeveloped countries do not have congregations that can fund a self-sustaining church through their tithe and offerings. Our support allows the pastor to focus on ministry without having to work another full-time job. Our support is balanced in a fashion not to cover 100% of the operational costs for the church, encouraging local congregations to take responsibility and participate in financing their work.

World Compassion provides more than just financial support. We provide regular mentorship for developing pastors and leaders on the ground.

By combining all of our support pieces of humanitarian aid, Christian literature, leadership training materials, conferences, mentorship and financing, we create a holistic model that helps to strengthen a local church to thrive in a hostile nation.

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Support a Church Plant


One of the best investments are churches in emerging countries. The return on investment is excellent with low cost and high yield opportunities.



It only takes $70 (£45) a month to support a pastor and related expenses. When you support a pastor, you empower them to lead local believers who in turn change their community and ultimately their culture.

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