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To date, we have moved over 239,000 Bibles into Iran—a nation of 83 million people that is historically 99% Muslim. Help us reach 100,000 more!

The demand for physical Bibles is at an all-time high due to the number of people turning away from Islam.

Each Bible is distributed through a network of hundreds of local church members, mobilizing them through evangelism with one-on-one opportunities to pray, connect, answer questions and invite them to their church.

Right now, we are working with Iranian house church leaders to start discipleship groups across Iran. Our goal is to have 500 discipleship students active by the end of the year.

Project Goal:

Lives Changed: Reach 100,000 people with the Gospel in Iran in 2022. Provide Bible Training for 500 people.

Cost: After some security delays earlier on, we still have 70,000 Bibles to go to reach our goal for the year. $490,000 provides 70,000 Bibles. Every $7 provides a new believer or Muslim seeker a personal Bible. This project is scalable.  Cost covers smuggling into Iran, warehousing, Iranian team support and funds to help replenish Bible supply as needed.



Small business grants are keeping the Gospel message alive in Muslim regions. After being decimated by war, many Christian families often need just a small investment to breathe life back into their businesses.

As a business takes off and their influence grows, Christian families have a reason to stay in their home country and continue the legacy of the Gospel there.

Project Goal:

Lives Changed: 30 Christian families getting their businesses back up and running!

Cost: The total project goal is $150,000. It costs between $3,000 – $5,000 to kickstart a small business for a Christian family staying in Iraq.



This mobile clinic can travel to smaller towns and villages, as well as refugee camps in northern Iraq, reaching people who otherwise may not be able to receive the basic medical care they need.

Teams have the ability to reach 700 to 900 people every month, providing check ups, tests and medicine, all while offering prayer and sharing the Gospel.

In 2021, 4,355 families (17,000+ individuals) received ministry through the mobile clinic. Medical care is a great model of outreach for the Muslim world through one-on-one ministry while meeting real, life-changing needs.

Project Goal:

Lives Changed: Reach over 17,000 people in northern Iraq with the Gospel through the mobile medical clinic.

Cost: $23,250 covers medication and one year of operation costs for the local team (operation costs include fuel for van, maintenance, stipend for driver, nurse and doctor).



The Skills Training Project serves refugee women in northern Iraq, many of whom suffered unimaginable horrors at the hands of ISIS. Years later, many of these ladies are stuck living in refugee camps with very little hope for their future.

Through these skill training programs, women are learning in-demand skills like sewing and salon care to help them rebuild their lives. As ladies attend these programs, they experience the love of Christ and have conversations with their instructors who actively share the truth of the Gospel one-on-one.

Project Goal:

Lives Changed: 480 women reached through our skills training programs and one-on-one ministry opportunities.

Cost: $39,750 covers facility cost, teacher salary, equipment and supplies for one year.


China + Myanmar

Our ABC training is 336 lessons of comprehensive Bible teaching, from foundational Bible principles to topics on leadership and church planting. Students can also apply for our China Mission School that includes over 100 hours of training to reach unreached people groups, including nations across the Muslim world.

We currently have 5,400 students in 43 different cities across China. Many of them complete their training and begin leading their own house churches, often teaching out of the very curriculum we provide. Our ABC program is also being used in Myanmar (Burma), helping local churches disciple their people in a nation that is 89% Buddhist.

Project Goal:

Lives Changed: 3,500 new students in China.

Cost: We have 1,000 students left to reach our goal for the year in China. $50,000 gets 1,000 students up and running. It costs about $50 to provide one student a complete set of the ABC curriculum. This project is scalable.

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