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Mya Kyar Phyu Thinn



Mya Kyar Phyu Thinn
Look out Hollywood! Myar Kyar Phyu has a growing passion for the camera. In front of it she is beautiful and full of personality, but behind it she thrives with excitement. In recent trips, she has loved playing with the camera. We make it a point to give her opportunity to play around. She’s a natural! She knows what she wants and directs her brothers and sisters to perform. She now says she wants to be a professional photographer. Here are some photos of and “from” your little girl. Also if you haven’t seen it, this video is compiled entirely of video clips Myar Kyar Phyu shot.

Mya Kyar Phyu is a natural model

1401 Burma_224

Burma’s top movie director in the making

1401 Burma_445

She has an eye for detail

1401 Burma_453

Having fun making it perfect

1401 Burma_459

Here is a shot taken by Mya Kyar Phyu

Shot by Myar Kyar Phyu

Her smile is contagious

1401 Burma_916

A first time for everything. Mya Kya Phyu unpacks her things in her own cubby

1401 Burma_1587

Time for a haircut!

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