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Myat Noe Aye



Naw They Myat Noe Aye
What a brilliant girl you are raising!
Myat Noe Aye is the leader of the pack in so many ways.
God has given her such a heart of compassion. She is always thinking about the others, smiling, and looking for opportunities to help or teach. She is also getting really good at understanding English words!

Quite the Girl!

This game is called “Fishers of Men,” a game where you rescue your friends from the crowd
Myat Noe Aye’s natural beauty on display.

1401 Burma_365

This game is called, “Fishers of Men. The objective is to pull people out of the crowd.

1401 Burma_826

At a young age Myat Noe Aye is learning to seek God.

1401 Burma_1199

Shopping at a local grocery stand for an afternoon snack. Snacks cost about 5 cents.

1401 Burma_1348

Myat Noe Aye holds the scissors which will be used in the grand opening ceremony of the newly built orphanage.

1401 Burma_1403

It’s move in day! Myat Noe Aye is carrying her personal items to her own closet. A first time!

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