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Naing Ko Latt



Naing Ko Latt
What a warrior! Naing Ko Latt, although sometimes timid and seemingly shy, holds nothing back when there is adventure around the corner. Naing Ko Latt has grown significantly since the beginning of the building project, not just in size but in confidence and expression. He is so much more outgoing than before. He knows he’s loved because of your support and commitment.
Playing “Fishers of Men,” a game where you rescue your friends from the crowd

Naing Ko Latt enjoys his chores, cleaning up the yard


“I Heart You” – Naing Ko Latt


He makes posing for the camera look so easy

1401 Burma_148

Back staging waiting to perform a drama for church

131115 - Burma Children Update_29

All the children performing their roles at the church

131115 - Burma Children Update_46[/five_sixth_last]