Rebecca Law

From a young age, I traveled with my father on ministry trips overseas and encountered God’s presence in real ways. I also developed a heart for sharing the message of Jesus with people of other nations. Now, I believe He has called me to bring the Gospel and His presence through worship and prayer to the people of the Mediterranean region. I also hope to be involved with the planting of missional worship/prayer houses where people can encounter His presence in greater ways and then take His presence and message out into surrounding communities.

Why am I focused on the Mediterranean region?

About 4 years ago, I was at a conference and during prayer I saw a picture of myself running around the circumference of the Mediterranean and of fire following behind my feet. Then 3 years ago, I was in my father’s kitchen and he started talking to me about Acts 16 and the man of Macedonia. I sensed the Holy Spirit was speaking something directly to me and now 3 years later, this passage from Acts 16 has come up in my life about 6 different times through words from different people. If you are wondering, ancient Macedonia is located in Northern Greece and I also have a heart for the whole Mediterranean region.

Since the fall of 2017…

I have been traveling in and out of Athens, Thessaloniki, and Chania, Crete in Greece. I usually go for about 3 months at a time because that is what is allowed in a 6 month period. In August of 2017, I stepped out for the first time from my corporate job and traveled to Greece. In November of 2017, I was part of a leadership team and the launch of the 24/7 Lighthouse prayer house in Athens. There were people involved from about 30 different nations. We did 24/7 worship and prayer and evangelism on the streets. Several people were healed and heard about Jesus during that time. I also planned a trip for a team with Burn 24/7 in October of 2017 and we were involved with outreach to Iranian and Kurdish refugees. Since 2017, I have been going in and out of Greece serving with various refugee ministries, several local churches, and with international teams while sharing the Gospel. I have had the opportunity to lead worship at different events, build relationships with different ministries, and I have continued to be involved with the Lighthouse prayer house. For more details, please read my previous newsletters that are included on my blog at my WordPress link.

What am I doing now?

For the next 6 months, I will be traveling to Greece, Southeastern Europe, and Israel. On June 17, I will fly to Athens and serve with the Lighthouse prayer house, refugee ministries, and churches in the city. Afterwards, I will travel to Southeastern Europe July 11-19 to be involved with a ministry training time, including times of outreach. I will then come back to Greece to run a Burn 24/7 team outreach trip in Athens and Thessaloniki July 21-31. After this, I will head to Jerusalem September – December to be involved with King of Kings prayer/worship center and outreach.

For updates and to stay connected and follow what I am doing, please visit my WordPress site and check out the social media links provided below.

Blessings to you!


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