The Effects of ISIS Brutality Will Last for Generations

Even though ISIS has been defeated in Iraq, millions still suffer after being forced from their homes, often losing everything they owned. Starting over from scratch is a cold reality for those who have suffered through ISIS violence. Thousands upon thousands of widows have been left behind after their husbands were savagely executed without trial.

But the Power of the Gospel Never Ends

World Compassion is working with local Christians in Iraq to reach out to these women and their children who are struggling to start life over. You can help the Church be there for these families in their time of greatest need by providing food and other basic household necessities. These families will hear the Gospel and experience it through the loving arms of the local church.

Your gift today gives hope to refugees in Iraq. Help us build on our 50-year legacy of transforming the world through the loving touch of Jesus Christ.

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Your gift allows refugees to experience the Gospel in Iraq by meeting their physical and spiritual needs.

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