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Sitting in the back of a taxicab fleeing the Chinese Police, a World Compassion team member asked John, “If there is one thing the Church in the West could invest in church planters in China, what would it be?”

Pausing for only a brief moment, he answered quickly and precisely, “Education.”

As a pastor of a new church plant, John feels the strain for resources and support small churches like his experience every day. Though he has shared the gospel passionately, he lacks a deep knowledge of the Bible and training on building a strong, life-giving church. This lack of training and knowledge has limited his ability to truly lead the new church he has planted to maturity.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to stay this way.

The most valuable investment a person can make is into the life of another. Through ABC, you equip leaders in hostile nations with the tools they need to reach the lost.

You can invest in a Chinese student today by providing ABC!


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