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Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

Hundreds of thousands of refugees have overwhelmed the Kurdistan region of Iraq in the last several weeks fleeing the brutal violence of the Islamic State. With no other place to go, families set up camp in the middle of the Iraqi desert, happy to be safe for now but battling despair over the uncertainty of the future.

This hopelessness and despair are precisely what terrorists like the Islamic State are hoping to inspire. Remember what 1 John 4:18 says – “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.” We fight terror by casting out fear, one act of love at a time. When we help care for the immediate needs of these families, we alleviate despair and restore hope for the future. By sending a relief pack to a family in need, you can help them win their war for hope.

Send a Relief Pack to a Refugee

Air Cooler – $144 (£85)
Stove/Heater – $66 (£39)
Kitchen Pack – $56 (£33)
Sleeping Mats – $38 (£23)
Blankets – $30 (£18)
Food Pack – $15 (£9)
Toiletry Pack – $9 (£6)


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You can be an advocate for hope by providing a relief pack to a refugee family living in the desert right now. These families have a vast number of needs, as most are living on almost nothing. The mayor of a new refugee camp outside of Erbil told us, “More than 100,000 refugees came to Erbil and we can’t handle more refugees… They are here living in inhumane situations. We need air-conditioning systems, small refrigerators, and basically everything a human being would need, including food and water.”

World Compassion is helping to meet these different needs by providing a variety of relief packs. You can bring hope and cast our fear by sending a relief pack to a refugee family living in the desert today.



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