Perfect Love Casts Out Fear

World Compassion partners have responded to the crisis in the Middle East with heroic generosity. In August 2014 alone, we were able to help refugees by:

  • Distributing 61 tons of food
  • Serving over 20,000 refugees with food and other aid
  • Providing prayer and ministry opportunities to thousands every day
  • Sending 2 more 40-foot containers of food and shoes

Send a Relief Pack to a Refugee

Air Cooler – $144 (£85)
Stove/Heater – $66 (£39)
Kitchen Pack – $56 (£33)
Sleeping Mats – $38 (£23)
Blankets – $30 (£18)
Food Pack – $15 (£9)
Toiletry Pack – $9 (£6)


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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries is not a part of nor affiliated with Compassion International. Your gift will be used for these projects and many other outreaches of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries.


The crisis is escalating, so are we…

This great response is worth celebrating, yet we are well aware of the needs that still exist in this crisis. Unfortunately, the crisis still continues to escalate, and so we must increase our efforts to bring relief.

Tens of thousands of refugees in Iraq are still in need of basic food items, kitchen utensils, sleeping mats, shelter units, and blankets. You can help us prepare for the harsh winter months and provide these items and more to refugees fleeing the violence of the Islamic State today. Your giving is making a huge impact every single day.

Please give the best gift you can at this time.