Shawni's Story

Delivered By A Daughter's Prayer

Shawni is 47 years old and has 2 kids.

One afternoon he took one of his kids to the park. While he was there, they received a package from our Christmas outreach. He needed some money for drugs so he tried to sell the items in the package, but nobody bought them.

When he got home, he gave the package to his young daughter who started reading our booklet, The Story of Jesus, while her dad was in the kitchen smoking.

She was reading it really loudly so he could hear and told him the book says that Jesus can heal people. His daughter told him she was going to pray for him so her dad would be healed and not beat them anymore.

Later that evening Shawni picked up the booklet himself and began reading. As he finished, he cried out to God for help. The next day when he went to smoke marijuana it didn’t taste right. It was bitter, and he ended up throwing it away. It made him sick to his stomach, and he threw up.

He began reading the Bible that was included in the Christmas package. As time progressed, he noticed each time he tried to smoke it made him feel sick, and he ended up throwing away his drugs.

It was such a strange experience for him that he called the number on the back of The Story of Jesus booklet. He was able to talk to someone from the local house church network and has now given his life to Jesus.

Shawni is known in a local church and is going through the discipleship process. He shared with our team that his daughter loves to call all of their family members and share with them that Jesus Christ has healed her father!

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