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A greeting and update from Jason Law, World Compassion President.


A container of 29,000 Bibles just arrived at our warehouse!

After several delays, we now have a short window of opportunity this summer to get these Bibles to people in Iran to meet the high demand – and you can help! 

29,000 makes a huge dent in our goal to reach 100,000 people with Scripture in Iran this year!

The church in Iran is growing at 19.7% a year per capita, making it the fastest growing church in the world. 

The mass exodus from Islam has left many former Muslims wondering what to believe in. We can help answer this question by providing God’s Word to people who are hungry for truth. 

One of the pastors who distributes Bibles for us stated that, “People are thirsty for the meaning of love. They are finding it by reading the Bible.”

At $7 per Bible, it will cost $203,000 to put all 29,000 into the hands of the Iranian people. We are believing for 20 churches to give $10,000 to see this Bible project through!


War is still raging in Ukraine, and millions of people continue to wonder where they’ll sleep at night and where their next meal will come from. 

You can link arms with the local church in eastern Europe to help give people in need a roof over their head, a safe place to sleep, and warm meals.

Our goal is to provide $20,000 towards relief efforts, meeting people with the love of Jesus in their time of crisis.


A significant new law passed in March has restricted all religious content from being posted online. 

You can help get printed materials and audio devices into one of the world’s most restricted environments to empower the underground church across China. 

There is now an unprecedented demand to get teaching and training materials into the hands of the Chinese people through physical resources. 

We’re working now  to start an additional 1,600 discipleship students this year. This is on top of the 1,400 who started earlier this year, to meet the growing demand for trained leaders to pastor in house churches throughout China.

To train an additional 500 students this summer at $50 per student, it will take $25,000. Let’s empower the growing church in China!

If you are interested in partnering with us or have any questions or an idea, please let us know!

Once you identify a project that would be a good fit for you, our team can get you all the resources you’ll need to help communicate the opportunity to your church.

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