2023: A Year to Take Ground

Restrictions are getting tighter. We press on.


We helped 3 churches continue creating room for growth by supporting extensive build-out projects!


Together in partnership with a European church, we provided urgent relief and ministry to thousands of people impacted by the crisis in Ukraine!


483 refugee women were supported to go through our skills training programs in northern Iraq! More importantly, 46 ladies prayed a salvation prayer! • 6,247 families were served and ministered to through our mobile medical clinic! In just one village, 21 families accepted Christ! • 4 mall businesses owned by Christian families were kick-started, helping the Gospel message stay alive in Iraq!


11 families reached a final destination where we will help them resettle and connect with local churches!


500 emerging leaders went through a new discipleship program we started this year! • 61,000 people were reached with a Bible, and the local church was mobilized in evangelism!


5,324 students studied our ABC curriculum. 1,382 of those were new in 2022!


500 new ABC students began their studies, bringing the total number of ABC students to 1,112! • 24 future pastors and church leaders attended our Ministry Training Center (MTC) program!


• Complete 3 church plant projects!
• Host a conference for Cuban pastors and church leaders!


• Train 320 total ladies through our sewing and salon skills training programs!
• Kickstart 8 small businesses for Christian families!


• Reach 100,000 people with Bibles!
• Host a conference for Iranian pastors and church leaders!


• Enroll 3,000 new ABC students!


• Enroll 1,000 new ABC students and 24 new Ministry Training Center (MTC) students!

A tightening is happening in nations hostile to the Gospel.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is becoming bolder in their approach towards Christians.

Your giving allows us to continue providing Chinese Christians and new believers access to God’s Word their government is trying to deny.

The church in China needs our help.

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Hear more about the needs that exist and the opportunity to make a difference.

The heavy hand of communism in China has tried to snuff out the voice of the people and choke out the Gospel from going forward.

But God has us positioned to make sure they have access.

If we don’t, how will they grow spiritually? How will their faith increase? How will the church go forward?

Our audio devices and book sets are giving them access to the teaching and the Bread of Life they need. 

Religious material cannot be shared online. The Chinese people are dependent on physical resources. 

Your financial partnership can provide spiritual food to people in China who otherwise would be cut off.

Yes! I want to reach people with ABC Bible and Leadership teaching in China and Myanmar!

$50 (£41) trains one emerging leader. $100 (£82) trains two leaders. $250 (£205) trains five.

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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries d/b/a World Compassion and its affiliates are not a part of nor associated with Compassion International. Your gift will be used for these projects and many other outreaches of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries.




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If you’re not already, would you consider partnering with us monthly?

This helps us so much when making plans and budgeting projects around the world.

Example: $25 (£20)/month would reach 3 people with the Gospel in Iran. $100 (£82)/month would train two leaders in China or Myanmar through our ABC Bible Training Material.

Every week, World Compassion partners ask for prayer as they are believing for loved ones to come to know Jesus. Every morning, our team prays over these requests. If you need prayer for anything, click here or send us an email at prayer@worldcompassion.tv.