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At A Glance

It sounds like revival in Iran!

In a typical month our Iranian team will receive 400 to 500 requests for Bibles or questions about Jesus just on social media.

In the past several months that number has ranged between 900 to 1,200 requests for Bibles every month!

Iran is 99% Muslim and is a nation that historically has been closed to the message of Jesus.

Right now, the hearts and minds of people are open!

Now is the time to sow seed into Iran!

World Compassion was just given 40,000 Bibles for Iran - A Major Blessing!

Now we need your help to get these Bibles to people asking for them. Can you help?

40,000 Bibles = 40,000 People

Every $6 (£5) you give, you provide someone in Iran with a Bible, plus...

You’re also providing a local Iranian Christian a one-on-one ministry opportunity with someone who does not know Jesus.

How many people can you help reach in Iran? Would you pray about giving your best gift?

It will take $240,000 to get all 40,000 Bibles into the hands of people inside Iran.

We are praying for 240 people who can give a special $1,000 offering.

Would you prayerfully consider being one of the $1,000 givers?

This may not be possible for everyone. That’s ok...we never want people to feel pressured into giving something they don’t feel they should.

We would love for all who see this to participate in some way. Will you prayerfully consider what you can give and make your best gift possible today?

$180 = Reaches 30 people and provides 30 Bibles
$96 = Reaches 16 people and provides 16 Bibles
$30 = Reaches 5 people and provides 5 Bibles

3 Ways You Can Reach Iran:


The giving of World Compassion partners is what helps transform the spiritual and physical lives of people around the world. We are honored by the love and trust that your financial giving represents.


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Iranian Doctors become Christians....turn hospital into Church

Several people who help distribute Bibles in Iran are taxi drivers. Just a few weeks ago one of these drivers picked up a husband and wife who happened to both work at a local hospital.

While in the backseat, they were complaining about how bad the COVID-19 situation is. Frustrated and angry in their tone of conversation, they expressed anger towards God, stating disbelief in any god, because God would not do this to people. They shared disappointment with their government's response and lack of supplies to treat people, etc...

The driver could tell they were stressed, exhausted and frustrated with the whole situation. He let them finish venting and then began to give his thoughts.

He agreed this is a very sad and difficult situation, but he also said he has peace and hope in the midst of the chaos. He began to talk about his God, a God of love, compassion and peace.

He spent three hours with this couple sharing the Gospel, ultimately leading them to Jesus. He gave them one of our Bibles and continues to keep in contact with them.

This is what is so amazing... This couple is on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19, testing and treating patients in Iran. As brand new Christians, they have an incredible zeal to share Jesus and the hope they have found in life. They are now praying for every patient they see and offering them a Bible.

Think about all the patients they see every week...even without the coronavirus. And...it’s not just their patients. They are praying for and sharing the gospel with other doctors, nurses and staff at the hospital who are witnessing this.

They even started a prayer group that meets in the hospital now. This is just in the past couple of weeks. In a way, they have turned the hospital into a church!

They shared they do not feel any negative pressure from people around them...people are open and friendly towards this good news!

The seed sown into this couple’s life is now multiplying to people around them. The soil of the hearts of people in Iran are ready...now is the time to sow seed!

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A taxi driver's transformation from
a predator into a follower of Jesus

The Holy Spirit is moving in the everyday lives of the Iranian people

A Christian man living in Iran recently had a worker come to his home to install cable for their TV. He asked the serviceman if he could make the Christian channels the first ones on their menu.

This opened up an opportunity for him to talk to the man about being a Christian. The cable man shared that he actually had many questions about Christianity but did not know anyone that he could ask.

He told the man he prayed the only way he knew how to, asking to know more about Jesus. Now, here he is standing in this Christian man’s home!

This Christian is one of the people who helps distribute Bibles for World Compassion inside of Iran. He gave the cable man one of the Bibles to read. When he saw what the Bible said, he couldn’t believe he had never read any of this in the Koran.

The man explained to him it was the Bible not the Koran. He explained the Gospel message to him and the man gave his life to Jesus!

They continue to meet and are now walking him through a discipleship process.

Scripture Cards

Here are key Bible verses to encourage you on the subjects of Healing, Hope, Anxiety and Finances


April 25, 2020


April 22, 2020


April 21, 2020


April 20, 2020




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