How does 50 years of successful ministry happen?

God is faithful, and he calls us to continue – to continue fulfilling the calling when it’s dangerous, to continue when you’re not sure where God is leading, to continue when you feel alone and to continue when life doesn’t seem to go as planned. He calls us to stay in the game, continuing to trust in His promises and love for us, to continue fighting for the cause of Christ.

Our plan moving forward is simply to continue making disciples as God has called us to do. Discipleship training is a core emphasis of World Compassion. Thousands of people in China and Myanmar have been discipled through our ABC discipleship training. These believers grow in their faith and become pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and teachers in their own country and beyond.

It costs $114 (£90) for each student to go through the ABC course. Your gift of any amount towards helping one of these students is seed sown to continue making disciples and empowering thousands of people to boldly go do the same.

Fulfill the Great Commission in China and Myanmar

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