Restore the Life That Was Lost

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World Compassion Terry Law Ministries d/b/a World Compassion and its affiliates are not a part of nor associated with Compassion International. Your gift will be used for these projects and many other outreaches of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries.

Safe House Tour

Our President, Jason Law, recently got back from the Middle East where he visited the safe house. Check out this video to see a tour from Jason of the safe house to hear and see what it will be like for these womenm to live here! For more information on the safe house and the Yazidi women who will call it home, see below!

Escaped from ISIS Slavery

Women have become slaves under ISIS and their extreme interpretation of Islam. They are mothers, young women, and girls – bought, sold, and used like property. Many are forced to work, beaten, and sexually abused at will by ISIS soldiers. These women are part of a small religious minority group, the Yazidi people, who are violently targeted by ISIS.

World Compassion is helping to open and operate a safe house for these women in order to restore and empower them to integrate back into society.

The Safe House

The home will have 7 rooms and will facilitate up to 28 women for six months at a time. Through the house director our team supports and the women living and overseeing the house, these women will receive counseling to help restore their dignity, rediscover their identity and provide independence and a sense of hope for their futures. They will help cook and care for the property while receiving sewing, agricultural and other skills training to sell items they make in local markets. Above all else, they will be shown the unconditional and transformative love that will introduce them to the Gospel and impact their communities by revealing the heart of Christ to the people in this part of the world.

Get Involved

Our cost for this program is $109,000 for the remainder of this year. We are funding this program over the course of Summer 2017, and we’re inviting you and your church to help restore these women’s lives through the safe house! $63,750 of this is needed immediately​ to cover the completion of the home and director’s salary. An additional $15,000 is needed by August 1, 2017​ to cover staff salaries and the first 3 months of scholarship costs for 7 Yazidi women who will begin the program in August.

We are asking you to please give your best gift today – to give sacrificially, and in love. Show women who have experienced terror the love of Christ, and help restore the life that was lost!