Year-End Projects


EDUCATION CENTER - $163,000 (£126,833)
World Compassion is partnering with a local church in Myanmar to build an education center that will serve kindergarten through intermediate school levels. This school will be an outreach of the local church where Christian staff will build deep relationships with children and their families. Through the gift of education we are giving families a key to unlock the chains of poverty and set them on a course to impact their nation for Jesus.

MINISTRY TRAINING CENTER - $18,000 (£14,007)
Through our Ministry Training Center in Myanmar, students complete an intensive, 9-month course using our ABC discipleship curriculum. In addition to their book knowledge, these students also help in the day-to-day activities of the local church, conduct evangelistic outreaches and serve in World Compassion’s orphanage, equipping them to be effective in their restricted environment.


CHURCH PLANTING - $23,600 (£18,368)
Our goal with each church plant is to help house churches move forward faster in a nation where new church buildings cannot be constructed. We accomplish this by helping build out their 'home' church facilities, providing a family-friendly space that will reach even more people in their communities with the Gospel.


BIBLE SMUGGLING - $108,000 (£84,054)
The past two years have been our most successful ever for smuggling Bibles into Iran. Each Bible delivered creates an opportunity for an isolated believer to connect with other Christians. For only $6 (£4.67), a new believer or seeker can receive a Bible in one of the most hostile countries on earth.


CHURCH PLANTING - $18,000 (£14,007)
The city of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq has a population of 1.5 million people and only 200 Christians. We’ve partnered with a bold pastor to plant a church in this hostile nation. Despite persecution and even having his wife and children taken away from him because of his faith, he continues to share the Gospel and disciple new believers.

SEWING PROJECT - $10,800 (£8,404)
The Sewing Project serves Yazidi widows who have suffered unimaginable horrors at the hands of ISIS. A hopeless situation, with no husband and no job skills to provide for their family, has turned into an unexpected opportunity for a new life. These women are learning an in-demand skill, experiencing the love of Christ and having conversations with their instructors who are sharing the truth of the Gospel.

SYRIAN REFUGEE RELIEF - Food pack: $20 (£16), Bedding set: $36 (£29)
With Turkey’s recent advances against Syrian Kurds, the Middle East has once again been faced with hundreds of thousands of displaced people. 60,000 of these refugees have fled into northern Iraq where World Compassion is helping provide diapers, baby formula, food, clothes, blankets and sleeping mats for these families. You can help bring hope to Syrian families this Christmas by providing some of their basic needs.


ABC AUDIO DEVICES - $96,000 (£74,714)
Through our connections with the underground church in China, we’ve recently provided 2,000 ABC audio sets to believers who have been forgotten. These Christians are underprivileged, uneducated, poor people who love God and want to share their faith, but have very little spiritual nourishment. We can deliver another 8,000 sets for only $12 (£9.34) per device containing our entire ABC program.

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